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Project: #DormDecor | Designed by White Linen Interiors | #OlioBoard #4


Project #DormDecor

Hello to all Readers,

It’s OlioHop #4 #MoodBoardMonday

blog hop and happy to be participating in all the hop fun!!


Exciting, Fun, Nerve Racking, Costly… Those are some of the feelings you could be experiencing now, now that you are off to college life!!

To ease this process and keep the decorating process fun, as it should be, plan your dorm decor is by using Olioboard to visually see how your new space is going to look like.

Here is a sample of a dorm room decorating using Olioboard’s moodboard creator, oh and by the way it’s free!

Project Dorm Decor: MoodBoard Dorm Decor Ideas | University of Miami

**This is a fun post for me…. excuse if I got carried away a little bit  🙂


My starting point for this design was using a Turquoise Blue peacock image I found on Pinterest,  I also like using Chip it! by Sherwin Williams. for quick color palette.

Mood board based on:

“Senior Year”

University of Miami

Dorm Room Decor Board

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas using OlioBoard MoodBoard

Dorm decor and organization solutions.


Here is how easy it is to use Olioboard Create Mood Board for Organization + Design Ideas

  • Sign up, it’s “Free.”
  • If you already gathered all your decor ideas, furniture pieces, organization solutions, color schemes, or inspirations on your fav sites and saved links. No prob,
  • Olioboard has a grab button so it’s easy to add images to your board, and save your items or
  • Create sets and save for later , plus you can browse through the web most “Loved” retail stores on their site.
  • Create your mood board. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t master 3D design boards, it takes time. Practice, practice.
  • Print out the product list (store links, including price, color palette by Benjamin Moore® ) provided when you upgrade to pro.
  • Besides the itemized price list, the Pro upgrade option allows you to quickly add text in a variety of fonts, you can also add frames around images for interest visuals and backgrounds.
  • And for a clean, neat look I frame it using an online software called Picmonkey.

This one is for the guys, whether at home or “Residential College Living”

To see more samples of how to use  Olioboard  and great ideas, hop on over -talented designer bloggers participating are:


BTW – It’s been a wet weekend here due to tropical storm “Isaac” Stay safe and thanks so much for stopping by!!

Join our Olioboard community and let’s connect there too, come back here if you have any questions. Happy Decorating!!

Ana xoxo

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19 thoughts on “Project: #DormDecor | Designed by White Linen Interiors | #OlioBoard #4”

  1. Love the color combinations in this board! Turquoise is one of my favorite colors! Love how you combined it with black! The rug choice is so cool!~ Great boards and post as always! #OlioLove


  2. Hi Ana~

    This is a fun post, Ana, showing the thought process that goes into picking out a Dorm Decor design that’s personal. I love the bright colors you used and the way you used Olioboard to pull together ideas before you put them into the actual room.

    Thanks, too, for mentioning how Olioboard’s #ProPlan upgrade includes the ability to print out a shopping list so that busy Moms and Dads can save time and stay on budget, as well. That’s not easy to do with all of the bright shiny objects in the stores at this time of year!

    My clients at Olioboard appreciate the time you put into creating your fun #OlioHop post and we’re glad you’re safe from the worst of Isaac!!

    Thanks, Ana!

    #OlioLove ~

    Leslie (@tkpleslie)


    1. Thank you so much Leslie for your nice comment, I appreciate the opportunity and #OlioLove to contribute to #OlioBoard’s #Oliohop. xo 🙂


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  4. I love how you used the jewel tone teal throughout the dorm room to create an overall color scheme. This is a functional design with a beautiful design.


  5. I love your theme of attending the University of Miami and your gorgeous color palette. The turquoise is brilliantly bright against the black and white.


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